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Express Transport Services

Rms Logistic

RMS Logistic is offering express transport solutions all over Europe, made with 3.5T vans with payload 1,3T with a volume of 17-22mc (5-8 EWP), some of them with Frigo and ADR.

Crucial for businesses running time critical production lines, our services have been called upon again and again to save companies from expensive stoppages.

Rms LogisticBecause of our extensive experience in urgent transport, we are the best guarantee for the automotive and aerospace branch. All our vans hold merchandise insurance policies amounting EUR 1.000.000, including cabotage insurance, as well as all the necessary equipment for securing the merchandise (belts, brackets, skidproof carpets, etc.)

Our services includes:

  • International Express Delivery - due to the fleet of vehicles at our company disposal, we are able to deliver spare parts or other important shipments in record time throughout Europe.
  • Same Day Delivery - Is your shipment urgent? Does your client or partner need the goods within 24 hours? We pick up your merchandise using a vehicle assigned for direct and customised delivery in the shortest possible time.
  • Door to Door Delivery - thus our board couriers accompany very urgent and valuable goods from door to door.
  • Part Load - if your merchandise is not bulky enough to fill the entire capacity of a van, we can group merchandise from another customer for the shipment to be carried out with maximum cost efficiency.
  • Removal Service - we make your removal as simple and smooth as possible, just relax and enjoy your relocation.

Our operations department will supply you with:

  • Express Vehicles within the hour from time of booking

    (you can check the positions of our free vans in real time at section FREE VANS MAP)

  • Regular Updates
  • POD's upon delivery
  • GPS Tracking
  • 24/7 Support & Contact

So why not give us a call today for a free no obligation quote

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Availability 24/7

Our team is available 24/7, offering optimal solutions for your transport.

Also, you can track your job, in real time, on our web application.